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How Do I Know Which Health Insurance Plan Is the Right One for Me?

Individual health insurance plans in Arizona have changed drastically since the creation of the Affordable Care Act. From changes in networks of doctors to understanding hidden costs, you need an experienced professional by your side. Health insurance is more than just picking the “cheapest” option and hoping you never need to use it.

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At Damschen Financial Planning, we understand all of the changes that have happened in health insurance and we’ve helped many families navigate the complex world of health insurance. We are independent and can assist with all of the insurance plans in Arizona.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you select the best plan to fit your unique needs. We work for YOU! There is never a fee for our services, and your plan is the same cost whether you enroll on your own or have us as your trusted advisor every step of the way. We are compensated by the company issuing the insurance policy.

  • When can I enroll in health insurance?

  • What if I just lost my job?

  • Will I still be able to see my doctors?

  • What are these "tax credits" or "subsidies" I keep hearing about?

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Insurance products are offered through the insurance business Damschen Financial Planning. Any and all other services related to insurance are an outside business activity and are not offered through or supervised by AE Wealth Management, LLC.

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